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A little bit about me

"What is your name?" This is how people usually introduce themselves to me after I've said my name. So let's say it here, once and for all: "Sciltian" (pron. Shel-t-yan, not Christian, not Cynthia) is really my name, and my atheist mom was even able to have me baptized with this name. Originally, it was the last name of Gregory Sciltian, an Armenian metaphysics painter, with whom the only link I have is the fact we share the same name-last name. Sciltian, the painter, moved to Italy for good after the October Revolution, asking for political asylum. During April 1974, when I was about to be born, my mom read about a Venetian exhibition of the Armenian painter and said: "Wow, what a euphonic name!" And so she gave it to me. Since then, it has been a true cross to bear, as Jesus used to say.

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