Gay: Diritti e Pregiudizi

Gay: Rights and Prejudices. A Galilean Dialogue against the Thesis of the New Theo-Con, (Nutrimenti Publishers) it isn't a narrative work, although it is told in a flowing way and in the form of dialogue.
It is about an essay, a type of "Red booklet" of the rights of GLBT people. We have taken statements made by some conservative and neo-clericalism advocates (from former President of the Italian Senate Marcello Pera to Pope Ratzinger, from doctor Chiara Atzori to former Italian Secretary Rocco Buttiglione) and we have taken their thesis apart with a dialogue that is based on statistics, facts, research, and scientific studies from all over the world. You will discover that in the nations that have allowed same-sex marriage, the rate of hetero marriages has increased (and not decreased…); and in the States that have recognized the right of adoption for gay couples, the rate of school dropouts and juvenile delinquency of those adopted kids is the same as with kids adopted by heterosexual couples; and you will also discover how often and in what forms homosexuality is found in nature and in every living species; and how the recent study that maintains the inexistence of bisexuality is scientifically incorrect.
The book is based on a dialogue between three voices. The three characters in the discussion speak in a harsh way at times and are taken from the famous work by GalileoDialogue about the Major Systems of the World. With a small but significant difference: while in Galileo you will find the characters Salviati, Simplicio and Sagredo, in our book you will find Salviati, Simplicio and... Sagrado. Sagrado is a transsexual (a free homage to the Almodovarian character Agrado), Simplicio is a serene and disenchanted gay man, Salviati is a bisexual realist.
Federico and I think that we have written a book that is useful above all else. In fact, the motive behind why we decided to accept the editor's offer is because there was no book of its kind in Italy, and according to us, we felt that it was necessary as a product of a secular "woe is us" culture that is always less material. Now it's up to you all to judge if the result satisfies you or not.
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Read the review by Lucio Caracciolo in La Repubblica, Saturday 10/29/05

Praise for Gay: Rights and Prejudices
"This is an excellent book, easy to read, recommended for everyone, not so much for homophobes (what do you want, this is a book, not a Max calendar) but it is for those who wish to deepen a complicated argument in a simple way. Recommended for halfHouse of Liberties (the Italian Right-winged coalition headed by Berlusconi), recommended also for those who get lost in the sophistry of the etymology "marriage" (forgetting the real problem), recommended also for those who live by prejudices and recommended for those who believe that homosexuality is a disease".
(Daw, October 25, 2005)
Gay: Rights and Prejudices.
A Galilean Dialogue Against the Thesis of the New Theo-Con.
"You must destroy the Rainbow Armies". It's as if it were all a Risk game! Without a doubt this would have been the (not so) Secret Mission in the hands of the Vatican's hierarchy and many Italian so-called "moderate" politicians that are really of the Right. In Gay: Rights and Prejudices, an essay that is read as a theatrical piece, a dialogue of three voices between a homosexual, a bisexual and a transsexual (Simplicio, Salviati and... Sagrado) they meet each other in 11 great places dealing with clichés considered teo-con against the GLBT community (gay, lesbian, bisexual and transsexual), and rigorously and scientifically break them down with statistics, studies, analysis, research, numbers, exegesis, facts and logic. A dialogue about the new civil rights and de facto families, inspired by Galileo, in a time that recalls his process all too well.

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